31 . 10 . 2013

Extreme Elements

Personal Outfit

Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.16 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.12 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.1Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.11Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.5Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.2Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.8Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.18 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.10 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.9Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.3Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.13

Nature is so very often used as a source of profound inspiration amongst not only designers but artists alike, including myself.  There is one such Australian designer however who could be recognised as both designer and artist, sculpting leather, neoprene and silk into detailed masterpieces inspired by all that mother nature has to offer.  I’m excited to share with you a personal editorial in celebration of designer Dion Lee and the launch of his newly launched online store.  There is no limit to what man and nature can achieve together..

All above pieces available via  .. Dion Lee Online

art direction + edit: Amanda Shadforth

 photography: Madelyn Rose

28 . 10 . 2013

Fire In My Heart

Photo Diary

Havis-Focus-Chair.2Havis-Focus.5Havis-Fruit-Salad.6Havis-Nuts Havis-DingoHavis-Focus.7Havis-MapHavis-Maheno Havis-WW-Crossroads.14Havis-Central-Station-Havis.5Havis-Eli-Creek.4 havis-Central-Water.3 havis-Central-Water.1 Havis-Central-Station-Havis Havis-Central-Station-Havis.3Havis-Focus-ChairHavis-Fruit.1Havis-Sundial-Fin.3

No matter where I am I seem to be able to shake sand particles from my hair, typically sea salty hair being something people would pay good money for!  I think it must be genetic, but sand and salt air seem to flow through my veins.  Can I also blame genetics on an unhealthy obsession with shoes, having thoughts of selling non-essential organs in certain situations to appease the addiction?.. One would hope so … So as a lover of shoes and the beach combined it’s only natural that I’m compelled to honestly divulge that in my wardrobe of Chloe and Givenchy ankle boots sits a buttery collection of Havaianas.. the perfect solution to post Fashion Week foot recovery.

To celebrate summer and SS 2014 I headed off  to one of my favourite locations in all the world to relax and unwind.    I’m going to share with you a secret, a hidden location… a hideaway where I’ve spent most of my family holidays .. Fraser Island to be precise, the largest sand island in the world (a salty hair lovers paradise).

With the bare essentials packed and Havi’s of course in toe (pardon the pun) it’s time to get lost.  As a wise man once said..”When discovering a new direction, loose control for a fresh start, then you will discover the fire in your heart”..

Black Slim Havaianas   |  Striped  Slim Havaianas

Some of my favourite Fraser Island locations..  Central Station  |  Wanggoolba Creek  |  Yidney Rocks |  The Maheno Wreck  |  Eli Creek

photography: Madelyn Rose  .. xx

25 . 10 . 2013

Black Magik

Personal, Runway

Paris-Louis-Vuitton-SS-2014-Oracle-Fox.5Louis-GifAAAAA-Louis AAAAA-Louis.1Paris-Louis-Vuitton-SS-2014-Oracle-Fox.11 Paris-Louis-Vuitton-SS-2014-Oracle-Fox.3AAAA-Louis.2Paris-Louis-Vuitton-SS-2014-Oracle-Fox.8AAAA-Louis-Magnif

Somewhere in the mind of creative genius Marc Jacobs lives a jet black fantasy land of magical nymphs robed in enormous feather headresses and crystal embellished mesh cat suits, something only a lucid dreamer may conjure.   A career highlight to date, I was lucky enough while in Paris to attend the Louis Vuitton Spring Summer 2014 show. A fully operational carousel, fountain, elevators and escalators highlighted Marc Jacobs last show for Louis Vuitton and left spectators like myself emotionally uplifted and close to tears of joy.  Congratulations Marc, ‘c’est magnifique’ I’m sure Mr Vuitton would be overjoyed.. xx

A special thank you to incredible team at Louis Vuitton we anticipate with excitement Nicholas Guesquiere’s 2014 offerings.

photography + illustration: Amanda Shadforth

24 . 10 . 2013



Possible-BackpackOne can never own too many back packs, especially if you do as much travelling as I have lately.  The best of affordable options that I’ve come across lately, these little numbers are the perfect travel companion.  Hit the link and put chaw back intoit..x

1. Boxy Oversized backpack 2. Quilted backpack

23 . 10 . 2013



Havis-Flatlay1There’s something magical about packing for a holiday, sometimes I even wonder whether it’s the anticipation itself that’s the best part.  Since I’m about to head to a location where clothing can be optional (don’t worry I’ve packed plenty accessories to make up for it).  Here’s a little heads up on my suitcase essentials..stay tuned for more  .. xx

Black Havaianas Slim  |  Book: Purienne  |  Coconut Syrup  |  sunglasses: vintage

21 . 10 . 2013

Racer Black

Personal Outfit

Liz-Vagabond-Sandals-Brisbane.1Liz-Vagabond-Sandals-Brisbane.7 Liz-Vagabond-Sandals-Brisbane.6 Liz-Vagabond-Sandals-Brisbane.8

Whoever was it that said ‘Business at the front, party at the back’?  I’m sure the suggestion had our best interests in mind but who says you can’t party at the front as well..right?  I know I’m not the first one to wear a favourite tank in reverse but on the search for the perfect racer front tank why not start in your own wardrobe, you just never know what you might find.. x

jacket: Helmut Lang  |  tank: Alexander Wang (worn in reverse) |  tux pant: Acne  |  bag: Givenchy  |  shoes: Vagabond  |  sunglasses:  vintage – similar here

photography: Streetsmith

18 . 10 . 2013



Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.13Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.16 Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.10Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.12Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.15 Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.14Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.4Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.5Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.7Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.9 Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.3 Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.2 Ulrich-Knoblauch-Zanzibar.1

Empty swimming pools, fanta and palm trees.  Loving this exclusive post for Oracle Fox by our friend Ulrich Knoblauch.. you always know how to get us excited for summer…

photography: Ulrich Knoblauch  |  model: Shana Mouton

14 . 10 . 2013


Personal Outfit

Eiffel-Tower-Ellery-Oracle-Fox.4Eiffel-Tower-Ellery-Oracle-Fox    Eiffel-Tower-Ellery-Oracle-Fox.9    Eiffel-Tower-Ellery-Oracle-Fox.34T2A7708 4T2A7523Eiffel-Tower-Ellery-Oracle-Fox.11

Once upon a time I must admit that I knew this girl who may or may not have had an unhealthy obsession with feathers.  I know that she’d blame it on an early childhood figure skating career of plume encrusted leotard uniforms thanks to a DIY mum with too much spare time on her hands.  Nowadays all that glamour may be gone, the bedazzler laid to rest but somehow feathers held their ground.   So here’s your wildcard to wearing  feathers, keep it simple, black and cool..leave the sparkles for the disco and your leotard for the pool.. xx

dress: Ellery  |  hat: of my good friends at Sticks & Stones  |  bag: Givenchy  |  shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim  |  ID bracelet: Asos

photography: Jessie Bush ‘We The People Style’