28. 10. 2013

Fire In My Heart

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No matter where I am I seem to be able to shake sand particles from my hair, typically sea salty hair being something people would pay good money for!  I think it must be genetic, but sand and salt air seem to flow through my veins.  Can I also blame genetics on an unhealthy obsession with shoes, having thoughts of selling non-essential organs in certain situations to appease the addiction?.. One would hope so … So as a lover of shoes and the beach combined it’s only natural that I’m compelled to honestly divulge that in my wardrobe of Chloe and Givenchy ankle boots sits a buttery collection of Havaianas.. the perfect solution to post Fashion Week foot recovery.

To celebrate summer and SS 2014 I headed off  to one of my favourite locations in all the world to relax and unwind.    I’m going to share with you a secret, a hidden location… a hideaway where I’ve spent most of my family holidays .. Fraser Island to be precise, the largest sand island in the world (a salty hair lovers paradise).

With the bare essentials packed and Havi’s of course in toe (pardon the pun) it’s time to get lost.  As a wise man once said..”When discovering a new direction, loose control for a fresh start, then you will discover the fire in your heart”..

Black Slim Havaianas   |  Striped  Slim Havaianas

Some of my favourite Fraser Island locations..  Central Station  |  Wanggoolba Creek  |  Yidney Rocks |  The Maheno Wreck  |  Eli Creek

photography: Madelyn Rose  .. xx

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