MO- ON SCAPES PHOTOGRAPHY & WORDS  – Amanda Shadforth It was once noted by a wise man that, ‘Just like the moon we go through phases’. Phases that attribute to growth, movement, the unknown, the far horizons. Change is essentially everlasting, and without wavering we’re able to shift if we wish, to evolve and become a

A Place To Call Home With David Jones

Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished in sea foamy hues reminiscent of the salty ocean.             Wavy glass vessels tinted with obsidian, earthy textured organic shaped vases and bowls stacked one inside of the other burnished


SUR ROUND INGS PHOTOGRAPHY & WORDS  – Oracle Fox  ‘FASHION VS FUNCTION’ is often a debate when it comes to the ‘it’ piece of the day. Tiny sunglasses have been a necessity for many seasons now, but aren’t necessarily necessary. Puffer jackets too puffy to move in, handbags too tiny even for tic tacs and

Summer of Dior

SUMMER OF DIOR PHOTOGRAPHY: Andrea Jankovic DIRECTION & WORDS: Amanda Shadforth It was hot. So hot that when your feet hit the sand, the feeling that started off as cozy comfort quickly escalated into an ‘ow, ow, ow, ow’ kind of comical chorus, warning signals from the cognitive conscious translated into a semi-coherent verbal form.


Hemis-pheres photography & words  ORACLE FOX  I think being Australian has given me a few strange obsessions. There is, of course, Vegemite on toast (it’s true, we all do it,) adding ‘o’ or ‘a’ to the end of every word and name possible (eg. a quick run to the bottle-o,) and of course – season

Suns Out

  Australian summer has well and truly arrived… Here are my top wishlist items this month xx The Cropped Cocoon Blouse  .    Beach Towel   .  Leather Heeled Sandals   .  Soft Tote Bag  


  On one of my many late-night Insta scroll sessions, I began to save a random selection of accessories and random homewares. Typically my saved folder contains a variety of drool worth Pierre Paulin chairs (heaven) and Pomeranians. But I thought why not share an insight into my saved folder here… so here it is

A Match Made in Milan

  I find it incredibly inspiring that one city can harvest so much creativity. When I arrived in Milan this season I was so excited to be on the ground for my second Milan Fashion Week… Bellissimo!  Milan is a city that evolves before you, not obviously beautiful from the onset, but forever unfolding hidden layers

Fendi SS20

The scene was set. A glowing orange sunset at the end of the runway reminiscent of perfect sun-kissed holidays and long warm Italian days. The perfect backdrop for Fendi Spring Summer 2020 which was a rich hit of colour, texture and fresh air. As I sat looking at the golden glow of the stage it