11. 10. 2013


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Do you remember the days that you rode a BMX to school or stole your dad’s shirt because everything that you owned was too girly? If you’re answering no then I fear that you’re in the wrong place..although wait!  Please don’t leave!  I’m going to show you how tomboy dressing can be cool and chic.  This latest project that I’ve styled and photographed for you is a lesson in layering of the boyfriend inspired way.  Teaming up with Westfield Chermside this girl hit the high street to layer up some guy vibes. Let’s hope that you’ll be inspired and maybe your dad will get his shirt back ..  only if he’s lucky. xx

To shop all of the looks above head to here to Westfield Chermside.

concept + photography + styling: Amanda Shadforth @ Oracle Fox

model: the magnificent Jazmine Hikaka..xx

hair + makeup: Pru Edwards

assistant: Ruby Power

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