31. 10. 2013

Extreme Elements

Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.16 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.12 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.1Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.11Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.5Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.2Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.8Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.18 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.10 Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.9Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.3Dion-Lee-Store-Oracle-Fox.13

Nature is so very often used as a source of profound inspiration amongst not only designers but artists alike, including myself.  There is one such Australian designer however who could be recognised as both designer and artist, sculpting leather, neoprene and silk into detailed masterpieces inspired by all that mother nature has to offer.  I’m excited to share with you a personal editorial in celebration of designer Dion Lee and the launch of his newly launched online store.  There is no limit to what man and nature can achieve together..

All above pieces available via  .. Dion Lee Online

art direction + edit: Amanda Shadforth

 photography: Madelyn Rose

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