31 . 03 . 2014



April-2014.9April-2014.13 April-2014.11
Less is always more ..
Interview Magazine Germany April 2014  .  photographer: Robbie Fimmano  .  model: Adriana Lima

28 . 03 . 2014

Weekend Elements


Grown-Oracle-Fox Grown-Oracle-Fox.2Grown-Oracle-Fox.1

Leading into the weekend and with Australian Fashion Week just around the corner these are some of the pure things that I’m craving right now.  Pool slides, weekend reads and some favourite pure products from Grown Alchemist that smell good enough to eat.. just the right kind of cocktail this chick needs..

Body Cream + Exfoliant + Hand Cream + Serum : Grown Alchemist  .  Perfume: Dior  .  Slides : JC.  Jewellery: Stella & Bow

26 . 03 . 2014

Far And Away

Personal Outfit

         Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.3Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.8 Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.4Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.10Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.5Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.7Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.2 Farfetch-Anthony-Vaccarello-Oracle-Fox.1

‘Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it’ said Roald Dahl.. the master craftsman of faraway places, BFG’s and most importantly Charlie’s Chocolate Factory.  Just like Veruca Salt THIS girl was giddy with lust when recently given the chance to collaborate with a personal favourite online retailer   With the opportunity to shop 300 of the worlds best standing boutiques on one site even Mr Dahl would have issues imagining the trouble one can get up to.  In celebration of Paris and one of Farfetch’s most beautiful Parisian boutiques Montaigne Market we set out to create a little bit of magic just for you.  I hope that you enjoy these selects of some of my favourite luxury pieces and like a kid in a candy store, let loose.. it’s time to run wild..

To shop the Montaigne Market experience via Farfetch.. click here

dress: Anthony Vaccarello  .  coat: The Row  .  bag: Saint Laurent ‘Lulu’

photography: Paris In Four Months by The River Seine & the magnificent Pont Alexandre III.  A special thank you to Liliane Jossua and the Montaigne Market team..x

25 . 03 . 2014

Tiny Vices



There are some things one just cannot live without, and besides the world always looks better through rose coloured glasses..

Le Nuit De Chanel .  Burberry Brit Perfume  .   Tiny Rings  .  Vintage Glasses

24 . 03 . 2014

Wild Ones


Elle-France-March-2014Elle-France-March-2014.13 Elle-France-March-2014.8Elle-France-March-2014.3Elle-France-March-2014.9Elle-France-March-2014.6 Elle, France, March, 2014Elle-France-March-2014.1Elle-France-March-2014.11 Elle-France-March-2014.4Elle-France-March-2014.7Elle-France-March-2014.10Trans-seasonal layers with a relaxed vibe.. total perfection.

Elle France March 2014  |  model: Anne Vyalitsyna  |  photographer: Jan Welters

21 . 03 . 2014

Pyjama Party

Personal Outfit

Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.13Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.6 Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.1Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-DoubleAlexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.14 my opinion are merely not clothes but a situation.  Is there no other garments that give one an excuse to eat ice-cream on the couch while watching bad 1990’s sitcoms?  I hope that you’re nodding your head but if you don’t agree at least I know now that Alexander Wang does.  Thanks to Mr Wang and his excellent understanding of these kinds of situations and along with my good friends at Shopbop , it’s now  justifiable to wear your smalls at large.  It’s time to celebrate and take the PJ style to the streets, leave the ice-cream at home and come join the party.. *

shirt + shorts: Alexander Wang  .  3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel  .  chelsea boots: Alexander Wang

photography: Nat Lanyon

18 . 03 . 2014

In Between

Personal Outfit

Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.4Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.2 Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.1Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.3Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.5On the run between appointments in Paris there is no better option for the kind of feet that are used to 35’c and a thong tan, than trainers.  Thank god even Uncle Karl has given us the green light on this one.. next stop Chanel.. x

coat: Camilla & Marc | inexpensive option .. here  .  knit: BATM  .  leather pants: Iris & Ink  .  bag: Louis Vuitton  .  trainers: New Balance

photography: Paris In Four Months

17 . 03 . 2014

Neck High


High-Neck.12High-Neck.13High-Neck.13 High-Neck.10High-Neck.11 high-neck.3High-Neck.8 high-kneckHigh-Neck.34High-Neck.35High-Neck High-Neck.37 High-Neck.24Neck-High.33High-Neck.39High-Neck.7Something to share with that great aunt of yours who spends half of the summer wrapped up like a mummy due to those carefree adolescent years swathed in oil, much like a turkey, who’s neck she now bare’s a resemblance to, to her greatest disgust.  The cashmere rolled, foulard enfolded, scarf bound, skivvy clad high neck has made it’s mark this winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Great Aunty Mae and I couldn’t be more excited ..  .  .  Mija  .  fgr  .  COTR  .