17. 03. 2014

Neck High

High-Neck.12High-Neck.13High-Neck.13 High-Neck.10High-Neck.11 high-neck.3High-Neck.8 high-kneckHigh-Neck.34High-Neck.35High-Neck High-Neck.37 High-Neck.24Neck-High.33High-Neck.39High-Neck.7Something to share with that great aunt of yours who spends half of the summer wrapped up like a mummy due to those carefree adolescent years swathed in oil, much like a turkey, who’s neck she now bare’s a resemblance to, to her greatest disgust.  The cashmere rolled, foulard enfolded, scarf bound, skivvy clad high neck has made it’s mark this winter in the Northern Hemisphere and Great Aunty Mae and I couldn’t be more excited ..

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