21. 03. 2014

Pyjama Party

Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.13Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.6 Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.1Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-DoubleAlexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.14 Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.7Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.2Alexander-Wang-Shopbop-Oracle-Fox.11Pyjamas..in my opinion are merely not clothes but a situation.  Is there no other garments that give one an excuse to eat ice-cream on the couch while watching bad 1990’s sitcoms?  I hope that you’re nodding your head but if you don’t agree at least I know now that Alexander Wang does.  Thanks to Mr Wang and his excellent understanding of these kinds of situations and along with my good friends at Shopbop , it’s now  justifiable to wear your smalls at large.  It’s time to celebrate and take the PJ style to the streets, leave the ice-cream at home and come join the party.. *

shirt + shorts: Alexander Wang  .  3.1 Phillip Lim Ryder Satchel  .  chelsea boots: Alexander Wang

photography: Nat Lanyon

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