18. 03. 2014

In Between

Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.4Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.2 Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.1Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.3Blue-Coat-Camilla-Marc-Paris-Oracle-Fox.5On the run between appointments in Paris there is no better option for the kind of feet that are used to 35’c and a thong tan, than trainers.  Thank god even Uncle Karl has given us the green light on this one.. next stop Chanel.. x

coat: Camilla & Marc | inexpensive option .. here  .  knit: BATM  .  leather pants: Iris & Ink  .  bag: Louis Vuitton  .  trainers: New Balance

photography: Paris In Four Months

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