Heart to Hart

If you weren’t already well aquainted, I’d like to introduce to this lady, no big deal really.. just one of Australia’s best exports ever, GQ Woman of the Year, VS Angel and new polaroid pal with your truly. On a recent fly by night tour of her homeland I was lucky enough to catch up with Miss Jessica Hart herself amidst photographing her for the Portmans SS 2013 digital campaign. I hope you enjoy some of the finer details underlying what it takes to be a Woman of the Year..time to start listening to some good French.. xx

All pieces worn and styled by Jess: available at Portmans

photography + interview: myself


Four seasons in one day with possible thunderstorms on the way .. and that’s not just the forecast here this evening. I suppose mother nature caters for everyone..

Common Ground

The common dictionary describes the word ‘Yeti’ as a mythical being, shy in natural and ambiguous in origin. Shy in nature? Ambigous in origin? I suppose my Yeti friend and I do share some similarities, although the most obvious being a love of all things white and fluffy, a trait that I’m most pleased about fur sure…pardon the pun.

Underwater Love

Beautiful liquid salty and fresh as clear as perfect glass, teaming with tiny fish or oversized mammals, lies in abundance in this place. For someone that loves nature this is an aquatic paradise, the feeling that you get from plunging into the depths and resurfacing through the effervescence is like diving into a crystal clear cup of sparkling water, skin tingling and euphoric. While on my recent trip to Fraser Island with Havaianas (you can see the full post.. here) the rock pools and fresh water creeks were so beyond beauty that to not share these images with you would have been like with-holding the garden of eden. Follow me now to a place you only dreamt of before I came along … xx

On Track

If I could have a say in anything it should be a daily uniform to adorn golden headpieces any day that you wish..although not the most practical thought, but hey since when have I really cared about practicality? The Melbourne Cup, known as one of those occasions where headwear is a necessity, was just one reason for me to roll this baby out and thanks to an invitation to the Lexus Australia marquee the perfect solution to any girls fascinator phobias. Amongst a sea of paper lanterns and interiors inspired by the incredible “Wave of Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Hokusai, was a celebration like no other fit for a race stopping a nation as well as fashion editors in their ‘tracks’.. haha, pardon the pun. It’s fair to say that at an event like this you’ll walk away a poorer man but one bet’s for sure it will be worth the gamble.. xx

Hold On

A clutch that is not only croc embossed but possibly the best option for carrying all my daily paraphernalia..bar the kitchen sink. xx

By The Way

Today I write to you with a little more ‘flare’ than normal..oh dear, apart from being incredibly cheesy this statement is obviously true but only in the most literal sense. There’s something that’s been stirring inside me about pants in general lately. Low waisted, man-style, drop crotched or tailored.. I guess you can say that I’m turning into a bit of a pants man..I’m sure all the other girls won’t mind.. xx

Dude.. Seriously

Kind of obsessing over man style shirts right now, there’s nothing like raiding your boyfriends wardrobe..

illustration: Edita Vilkeviciute by Amanda Shadforth

United Force

Some say that a marriage is something that does not just happen, but something that is created. The union between Alexander Wang and the house of Balenciaga had us all a little giddy to say the least…gasps of excitement and anxiety alike arising from the fash pack. However, who could say no to the monochromatic marble print and starchy crackled goodness that paraded it’s way out before us in the very first Alexander Wang infused Balenciaga Fall RTW 2013 collection…I hate to say it but definitely not me! Thank you Alex for putting a whole new spin on the term ‘fashion crack’ .. I for one have become an addict.. xx

Easy Does It

“Leathur” sleeveless knit: Jamie Fame | perfume: Miss Dior Cherie | bag: Givenchy | studded coin purse: Saint Laurent | sunglasses: Miu Miu | jeans: Nobody | ankle boots: Miu Miu

Bubblegum Pink

Hubba Bubba nailed it right from the start! Soft pinks are currently stealing the centre stage and I’m right into this shade like a kid in a candy store..