18. 11. 2013

Underwater Love

Havis-ChampagneHavis-Champagne-Pools.15 Havis-Champagne-Pools-FishHavis-Champagne-Pools.9 Havis-Champagne-Pools.4Havis-Champagne-Pools.5Havis-Champagne-Pools.11 Havis-Eli-Creek-Swim.3Havis-Eli-Creek-Swim.4havis-Focus-CentralHavis-Eli-Tubes.4Havis-Eli-Swim.1Havis-Eli-Tubes.3 Havis-Eli-Tubes.1

Beautiful liquid salty and fresh as clear as perfect glass, teaming with tiny fish or oversized mammals, lies in abundance in this place.  For someone that loves nature this is an aquatic paradise, the feeling that you get from plunging into the depths and resurfacing through the effervescence is like diving into a crystal clear cup of sparkling water, skin tingling and euphoric.  While on my recent trip to Fraser Island with Havaianas (you can see the full post.. here) the rock pools and fresh water creeks were so beyond beauty that to not share these images with you would have been like with-holding the garden of eden.  Follow me now to a place you only dreamt of before I came along … xx

photography: Madelyn Rose

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