06. 11. 2013

United Force

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Some say that a marriage is something that does not just happen, but something that is created.  The union between Alexander Wang and the house of  Balenciaga had us all a little giddy to say the least…gasps of excitement and anxiety arising from the fash pack.  However, who could say no to the monochromatic marble print and starchy crackled goodness that paraded it’s way out before us in the very first Alexander Wang infused Balenciaga Fall RTW 2013 collection…I hate to say it but definitely not me!  Thank you Alex for putting a whole new spin on the term ‘fashion crack’ .. I for one have become an addict.. xx

top: Balenciaga  |  skirt: Winston Wolfe  |  clutch: Claire Barrow  |  shoes: Givenchy

photography: Carin Olsson

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