15. 11. 2013

On Track

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If I could have a say in anything it should be a daily uniform to adorn golden headpieces any day that you wish..although not the most practical thought, but hey since when have I really cared about practicality?  The Melbourne Cup, known as one of those occasions where headwear is a necessity, was just one reason for me to roll this baby out and thanks to an invitation to the Lexus Australia marquee the perfect solution to any girls fascinator phobias.   Amongst a sea of paper lanterns and interiors inspired by the incredible “Wave of Kanagawa” by Japanese artist Hokusai, was a celebration like no other fit for a race stopping a nation as well as fashion editors in their ‘tracks’..  haha, pardon the pun.   It’s fair to say that at an event like this you’ll walk away a poorer man but one bet’s for sure it will be worth the gamble.. xx

top: Christopher Esber  |  skirt: Christopher Esber  |  bag: Louis Vuitton  |  Headpiece: Balenciaga  |  cuff: Louis Vuitton  |  shoes: Mode Collective

photography: Liz McLeish – Streetsmith  | a special thank you to the incredible team at Lexus for having me and Louis Vuitton for Vivienne..xx

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