14 . 10 . 2013


Personal Outfit

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Once upon a time I must admit that I knew this girl who may or may not have had an unhealthy obsession with feathers.  I know that she’d blame it on an early childhood figure skating career of plume encrusted leotard uniforms thanks to a DIY mum with too much spare time on her hands.  Nowadays all that glamour may be gone, the bedazzler laid to rest but somehow feathers held their ground.   So here’s your wildcard to wearing  feathers, keep it simple, black and cool..leave the sparkles for the disco and your leotard for the pool.. xx

dress: Ellery  |  hat: Unif..co of my good friends at Sticks & Stones  |  bag: Givenchy  |  shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim  |  ID bracelet: Asos

photography: Jessie Bush ‘We The People Style’