28 . 11 . 2012

Shibuya Square

Personal Outfit

Japan Shibuya night outfit

Seriously one of the busiest places I’ve ever visited in the entire world.  We took so many photos in this session and somehow I only ended up with 4 that were useable, there were just so many people crossing ever time the light turned green.  I’m pretty sure that someone told me 2000 people use the square at any given time of the day and just to give you an idea these photos were taken around midnight, carazy!  After a night of serious Tokyo karaoke and dinner at Gonpachi the restaurant that inspired Quenton Tarantino’s famous indoor fight scene in Kill Bill crossing Shibuya Square was a walk in the park, oh actually a walk in the street…

dress: Ellery  || shoes: Asos

photography: Nat Lanyon

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