Loose Ends

The Libran in me struggles with any lack of symmetry, call it borderline OCDC or maybe even a creative streak, but anything asymmetric usually throws me off guard .  Well times they are a changin baby, lately with a series of slinky asymmetric knits marching down the runway, the scales they are a tipping.  Ryan Roche’s

Vested Interests

This season I might be all about the flare but I’m here to tell you that there’s another key player on my radar.  Never shying away from boxy silhouettes, the perfect trans-seasonal piece, both functional and yet with a hit of Parisian cool is the oversized vest.  In my recent collaborations with Myer, I’ve had the honour of trawling


i A good graphic is like a painting, to be revered and adored from afar even though it’s the details that make it genius.   I think it might be for this reason that I’m so selective when it comes to running a print, although let’s not get too serious here it’s not like we’re curating

Before Long

So, as we speak I’m packing for my trip to Paris for the Autumn Winter shows.  Things are a little hectic around here and I’ve been on the run since Monday, meaning it’s all about workwear this week and practicality.  Since when you might say have I ever been practical?  I know, I know.  The

First Impressions

Even though it may look otherwise I promise that I hardly ever run late.  The secret to this is being organised, which I must admit is harder for a Libran like me than declining a VIP invitation to a Barney’s Sale in New York.  Well thankfully in this instance I don’t live in New York and secondly when

Well Balanced

Our current obsession .. those New Balance 410’s in this season’s updated cloudy grey and our favourite Mansur Gavriel reworking the perfect leather backpack.. Thursday’s never felt so good ..  grey coat: Rika (on sale)  .  silk cami: Acne ‘Alec’  .  silk bralette: Saint Laurent  .    aviator sunglasses: Ray Ban  .  nail polish: Essie  

Between The Lines

Let’s be honest I don’t wear a lot of colour, chambray shirts and khaki are about as exciting as it gets around here in the colour department, but I think it’s an exciting new step considering in the past I was all about black and white. So 2015 will be a new year for this lady


This is where I would normally insert the emoji for the running man, highly appropriate for the images above and additionally for my life in general now that I’m back in the Oracle Fox drivers seat.  People always wonder what I wear on a normal working day, well if I was to be honest we

Reverse Psychology

  Trust Vivienne Westwood with her unique style of creativity to create a button up shirt to be worn backwards.  Only Vivienne and perhaps Tom Green could pull off the ‘backwards man’ approach and totally get away with it.  You see sometimes we have to remember to keep business at the front and the party out the

Lucky Strike

I’m not much of a print person, but sometimes it’s good to get graphic.  There’s something to be said for the statement print, one bold move can change the game..just like lightning.. x lightning bolt neoprene top: Neil Barrett  .  leather skirt: Winston Wolfe or similar here  .  bag: Givenchy  .  heels: Mode Collective  .  silver