30. 03. 2016

Make A Promise

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Fashion they say.. isn’t just about the clothes.  It’s not often enough that we receive the opportunity to manifest something we love into creating positive change, the kind of change that can save lives and alter the pathway to a future generation.

Over time I’ve been fortunate enough to grow a close relationship with Louis Vuitton and 2016 marks the year for the house to collaborate with Unicef in the ‘Make A Promise’ Campaign. Currently I’m lucky enough to work with Louis Vuitton as an Ambassador on this incredible project, focusing on creating change in the lives of children all around the world exposed to conflict, natural disaster, violence and disease.

In honour of this relationship between Louis Vuitton and Unicef, I’m making a pinky promise to help children in need.  From the sale of each Louis Vuitton Lockit pendant or bracelet, $300 is donated on our behalf to Unicef to make a difference.  When something so small can create change that’s so big, together we have the power to make a difference .. x

To be part of this amazing project you can click  … here

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