28. 09. 2011

Young & Free

Some of you guys might remember that I flew to Europe a couple of months ago to style a shoot.  Well, I was lucky enough to work with the ah-mazing and beautiful photographer Nirrimi Hakanson from ‘We Live Young‘… I know.. I pinched myself!  Nirrimi also travelled with her super talented beau Matt Caplin, who is also a photographer but on this trip was utilised for his other talent,  film-making.  Anyway Nirrimi has posted a photo diary of some of our adventures so if you’d like to read about it and see more piccies, you can go … here, you can also check out Matt’s work.. here .
If you haven’t already worked it out that’s my feral-hair child self in the first pic with Nirrimi and you can check out the other side of the picture I took of Nirrimi in this older post I did.. here
Matt, Nirrimi and Alba, I miss you guys so much… xxx mandy

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