17. 04. 2019

The Four Phrases To Know When Visiting Italy


Agghhh Italy .. one of my favourite countries in the world… the gelato is cold, the weather is mostly warm and the locals are kind and funny.  I strongly recommend that you pack your suitcase and elasticated shorts for this sunny and romantic location and be prepared to fall in love .. for me it was with the pasta but if you’re single, this is also a good option.

From Venice to Rome to the Cinque Terre, it’s hard to pick my favourite spot but the main thing you will need to be prepared for is that if you want to walk the walk, you need to be able to talk the talk.

There’s nothing better than having a local suggesting the best restaurant or hidden shopping secret, so today my friends I’m here to share with you the four Italian phrases that you really need to know.

On my recent trip to Venice with my friends from Jaeger Le Coultre, I exercised my new-found linguistic skills and found that more than one seagull was willing to oblige.  I hope that you enjoy and that look forward to hearing of your own adventures, until next time .. arrivederci amore mio .. xx

creative direction: Amanda Shadforth  .  DOP: Michael Antuar


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