Sunday Sanctuary: Vora Villa

  I have always strongly believed that a picture can speak a thousand words. And when the location is Santorini, visual storytelling is fully justified. Having travelled to Santorini three years ago, it has to be one of my favourite destinations to date, and it is here we find this weeks Sunday Sanctuary,  the Vora Villas.

Sunday Sanctuary: Francesc Rifé Studio

A summer in Spain has always been on my bucket list… The culture, the food and pebbled beach of Mallorca have felt like a distant dream. But thanks to this beautiful Sunday Sanctuary located in Empordà, Catalonia, Spain, my summer Spanish vibes are feeling that bit more tangible… Designed by Francesc Rifé Studio in 2015,

Sunday Sanctuary: Authenticity

There is something that screams authenticity when it comes to modern minimalistic design. As some of you may know, I am a what some would call massive fan of modern minimalistic design, when it comes to interiors. Give me  white walls and a polished concrete floor any day! This week Sunday Sanctuary is located in South London,

Sunday Sanctuary: Vila Tugendhat

  In the midst of an Instagram scrolling vortex, I stumbled across this master piece of beauty and simplicity. With an instant save and a quick google search, a perfect Sunday Sanctuary was in my horizon. And here we are now at Vila Tugendhat, designed by the architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe and built

Sunday Sanctuary: Calming Space

    In a world-wind week which involve launching our very own collection of custom t-shirts and bespoke art prints a bit of R&R and calm was definitely in order.  The architect and owner behind this beautiful calming space, Vincent Van Duysen,  is an advocate for the elimination of excess, and creating serenity in throughout all

Sunday Sanctuary: Light Fill

  A long time fan of anything and everything tonal, this weeks Sunday Sanctuary is no exception. This somewhat minimalist apartment has just the right amount of character catching our interior eye. Located on the top floor of a centuries-old townhouse in the beautiful city of Copenhagen, sits this bright, woody naturalist’s dream space. The

Sunday Sanctuary: Klein House

  A mid century dream… Selkrik Klein House, located on the Scottish Boarders. A somewhat reminiscent of previous interior tours this baby is sure to get the creative juices flowing. The design of the single storey house is essentially a rectangle subdivided into eight foot modules, talk about open spaces. The interior highlights the use of natural materials

Sunday Sanctuary: Casa No Tempo

  Casa No Tempo aims to connect the past with the future, leaving out the marks of time. Resulting in the most peaceful and timeless place. And we totally agree! It may be the vast white walls or the minimal yet very effect furnish styling but this little baby ticks all the boxes. All floors

Sunday Sanctuary: Modernist Minimalist

Scandinavian, mid-century modernist, minimalist, three words that accurately describe Louise Liljencrantz. And we totes agree. Liljencrantz background is in the fields of graphic design and fashion design… Which explains alot. Only entering the interior design game officially in February Liljencrantz has made a name for herself with in the epicentre of Scandinavian  minimalism- Stockholm. So without further

Sunday Sanctuary: Belle Chasse

  Herringbone floorboards, ornate wall mouldings and the type of Parisian apartment that we at Oracle Fox dream of, is all right here in one sweet little package my friends. A name known throughout the design and architecture communities, Joseph Dirand is the one behind this beautiful classic yet modern French apartment. Located in the

Sunday Sanctuary: Stranger Things

If like me, you’ve done more than a little too much binge watching lately, you’ll understand my obsession here with this beautiful Scandinavian home. However in this case, the stranger things I refer to are not so much to do with circa 80’s sci-fi and Winona, but instead, the beautiful curiosities throughout this bright, perfectly styled space.

Gabriella Crespi

At first glance the work of Gabriella Crespi could by mistaken for fine art sculptures worthy of display in some of the worlds most celebrated modern art galleries .. and ahhhh my front entrance if it were only big enough .. however Ms Crespi’s work dates back to the 70’s where she notoriously designer her signature metallic