Sunday Sanctuary: Vora Villa

  I have always strongly believed that a picture can speak a thousand words. And when the location is Santorini, visual storytelling is fully justified. Having travelled to Santorini three years ago, it has to be one of my favourite destinations to date, and it is here we find this weeks Sunday Sanctuary,  the Vora Villas.

Perfect Escape With Aerin Lauder

Hands up if you need a holiday?  If you’re sitting at your desk right now, tapping away at a keyboard much like yours truly, you’ll catch my drift, a girl can never aspire to make time for too many holidays.  Gaining a tan from a computer screen is not necessarily the most romantic way in which

White Wash

I strongly advise that if you’re as uncoordinated as yours truly that you should avoid wearing white, that is unless you have reasonable cause.  Therefore excuses for wearing white that may appear valid are as follows … 1.  You are invited to an all white Kymye party .. say no more. 2. You are a laboratory

Island Luxe

As an artist I’ve always believed that a picture can speak a thousand words.  On top of the fact that I wouldn’t consider my journalistic skills to be the most valuable of my assets, I’m happy to share that in locations such as this story telling via images is well justified.  Welcome to one of

Any Excuse

I must admit that I’ve been very bad.  Although I may be in Santorini shooting a project, I also have a very good list of pathetic reasons why I haven’t been able to post ie. ‘there is no internet on Santorini’ (ok not really), ‘the hours that I’ve been shooting here leave no time for posting'(ummm, that’s