26 . 09 . 2013



Jana-Oracle-Fox.25Jana-Oracle-Fox.17 Jana-Oracle-Fox.16Jana-Oracle-Fox.27 Jana-Oracle-Fox.26 Jana-Oracle-Fox.20 Jana-Oracle-Fox.33Jana-Oracle-Fox.38 Jana-Oracle-Fox.37Jana-Oracle-Fox.12Jana-Oracle-Fox.18 Jana-Oracle-Fox.13 Jana-Oracle-Fox.11Jana-Oracle-Fox.38 Jana-Oracle-Fox.36Jana-Oracle-Fox.9Jana-Oracle-Fox.8 Jana-Oracle-Fox.4Jana-Oracle-Fox.1Jana-Oracle-Fox.6Jana-Oracle-Fox.10Jana-Oracle-Fox Jana-Oracle-Fox.3

In an effort to bring you  better and better content I’ve started to put together more of my own projects for Oracle Fox thanks to the demand and support from you guys.   Yeah, you know how they say be careful what wish for right.. we have some exciting things planned for you whether you like it or not so hold on tight!

Jana is one of th0se girls who walks past you on the street and you wonderful if she’s actually from our planet, well especially if you come from where I’m from.  She’s like a mirage when you’re calling for water in the desert, well I suppose life is really but a dream .. x mandy

I love You Bracelet: Litter SF  |  necklaces:  Luv AJ  | all denim and basics :  Alterior Motif  |  rings: The 2 Bandits V Alterior Motif

model: Jana Kruger 

styling + art direction +  editing: myself

photography: Madelyn Rose


20 . 09 . 2013

The Gucci Iconic

Personal Outfit

Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.6Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.10Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.5Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.12Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.8 Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.11 Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.12 Gucci-Elevator-Oracle-Fox.2

Aside from an unhealthy obsession with any kind of shoe laid before me, you may have also noticed the other major love of my life (no offence to my beloved Sammy) is the handbag.  There is no luxury house that I can think of who are known better for creating such iconic and beautiful bags as Gucci and if we’re speaking iconically here it’s the Gucci Bamboo Bag.  As part of Gucci’s very exciting and exclusive digital campaign to celebrate this season’s Bamboo Collection I was lucky enough to shoot this wonderful gift  under the celestial ceilings and editorially primed elevators of the iconic Town Hall in my city.  Part of the challenge of this shoot was using inspiration from the elevator scene from the 1964 classic “Pink Panther” film.   Finding the right kind of elevator was a detective challenge all on it’s on own so here’s hoping Inspector Clouseau would be pleased .. xx

  GUCCI Patent Leather Bamboo Bag  |  GUCCI Autumn Winter 2013 Jumpsuit   | GUCCI Autumn Winter 2013 Heels

photography: Madelyn Rose

19 . 09 . 2013

In The Mode

Oracle Fox Editorial

Mode-Collective-Lauren-Portrait-MLMMode-Collective-Lauren-Portrait.2 Mode-Collective-Cap-Sports-Lux.2  Mode-Collective-Blue-Pump-Denim.1Mode-Collective-Black-White-Slides.4 Mode-Collective-Black-Layback.3 Mode-Collective-Black-Layback.2Mode-Collective-Boyfriend-Jeans.1 Mode-Collective-WW-Green-Shorts.1 Mode-Collective-Striped-Pants.2Mode-Collective-WW-Green-Shorts.2 Mode-Collective-Lauren-Portrait.3 Mode-Collective-Denim-Asos.4 Mode-Collective-Cap-Sports-Lux Mode-Collective-Cap-Sports-Lux.3Mode-Collective-Oversized-Hat Mode-Collective-Black-LaybackMode-Collective-Black-White-Slides.1

So if you follow my on instagram you may have noticed some of the projects that I’ve been working on lately.  Coming from a background as a visual artist before I started my blog meant that it was only a matter of time that I have to get behind the lens of a Camera in this crazy awesome industry the temptation has just been too much!  I’m excited to share with you this recent campaign I photographed and styled for rising Australian shoe label Mode Collective.  On an overnight fly in and fly out I was lucky enough to work with an awesome team to gather and style the looks, shoot the campaign and fly out again..a massive effort but so worthwhile and like one of my best friends always reminds me ..pressure makes diamonds.. xx

Shop Mode Collective .. here

photography + styling: Myself with a special thank you to Yan @BespokePr

model: Lauren Feenstra

hair + makeup: Allison Boyle

And a very special thank you Dave from Mode and to Lee & Yan and the Bespoke PR team for the best Thai feast ever and putting up with my creative ways.. xx

16 . 09 . 2013

Urban Cowboy


adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.6adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.11 adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.8 adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.5 adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.4 adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.1adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10 adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.3adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.10 adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.9 adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.2adriana-lima-inez-vinoodh-garage-issue-5-10.7

Double denim never looked so good.  Adriana Lima for Garage Magazine Issue 5

photography: Inez & Vinoodh  |  styling: Carlyne Cerf De Dudzeele


16 . 09 . 2013

Queen C


Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.8 Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.4 Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.3 Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.1Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.6 Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.5Cara-Delevingne-Vogue-Australia-October-2013.9

Cara Delevingne for Vogue Australia..

photography: Benny Horne  |  styling: Christine Centenera  | hair: James Rowe |  makeup: Sally Branka

13 . 09 . 2013

Common Knowledge

Personal Outfit

Liz-White-Crop.2Liz-White-Crop.7 Liz-White-Crop.5 Liz-White-Crop.4Liz-White-Crop.6 Liz-White-Crop.1

There’s something in the air and it’s not just spring!   I don’t know if you’re noticed but it’s not just on the streets of New York that black and whites have been dominating all girls in town.  Over the last week we’ve seen more than one designer send out the amazon army in monochromatic simplicity and I have to admit I’m kind of excited .. x

crop top: Asos  |  skirt: Eska Alikai  |  shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim  |  bag: Louis Vuitton(similar here)  | shoes: 3.1 Phillip Lim  |  sunglasses: Vintage(similar here)  |  rings: similar here

photography: Liz Mcleish of streetsmith

13 . 09 . 2013

Last Summer

Editorial, Photography

Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.3Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.2Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.17 Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.15 Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.14 Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.7 Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.5 Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.4Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.8Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.9Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.10Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.11 Polanski-Magazine-Sigurd-Grunberger.12

My heart skips a beat looking at these images and realising that summer almost here.. oh and yeah also because this could be one of my favourite editorials of late..

Sigurd Grunberger for Polanski Magazine via The Libertine

12 . 09 . 2013

Dion Lee Spring RTW 2014


Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.29 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.24 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.23 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.22 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.8 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.5 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.3 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.1Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.21 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.20 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.19 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.16 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.14 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.13Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.25 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.11 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.10 Dion-Lee-Spring-2014-RTW.9

Very excited to see Dion Lee’s  New York Fashion Week debut today.   Yet again Dion leaves us coveting his folded and meticulously  detailed creations.  A massive congratulatons to Dion and his incredible team..we are in love.

Shop Dion Lee .. here