19. 09. 2013

In The Mode

Mode-Collective-Lauren-Portrait-MLMMode-Collective-Lauren-Portrait.2 Mode-Collective-Cap-Sports-Lux.2  Mode-Collective-Blue-Pump-Denim.1Mode-Collective-Black-White-Slides.4 Mode-Collective-Black-Layback.3 Mode-Collective-Black-Layback.2Mode-Collective-Boyfriend-Jeans.1 Mode-Collective-WW-Green-Shorts.1 Mode-Collective-Striped-Pants.2Mode-Collective-WW-Green-Shorts.2 Mode-Collective-Lauren-Portrait.3 Mode-Collective-Denim-Asos.4 Mode-Collective-Cap-Sports-Lux Mode-Collective-Cap-Sports-Lux.3Mode-Collective-Oversized-Hat Mode-Collective-Black-LaybackMode-Collective-Black-White-Slides.1

So if you follow my on instagram you may have noticed some of the projects that I’ve been working on lately.  Coming from a background as a visual artist before I started my blog meant that it was only a matter of time that I have to get behind the lens of a Camera in this crazy awesome industry the temptation has just been too much!  I’m excited to share with you this recent campaign I photographed and styled for rising Australian shoe label Mode Collective.  On an overnight fly in and fly out I was lucky enough to work with an awesome team to gather and style the looks, shoot the campaign and fly out again..a massive effort but so worthwhile and like one of my best friends always reminds me ..pressure makes diamonds.. xx

Shop Mode Collective .. here

photography + styling: Myself with a special thank you to Yan @BespokePr

model: Lauren Feenstra

hair + makeup: Allison Boyle

And a very special thank you Dave from Mode and to Lee & Yan and the Bespoke PR team for the best Thai feast ever and putting up with my creative ways.. xx

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