26. 09. 2013


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In an effort to bring you  better and better content I’ve started to put together more of my own projects for Oracle Fox thanks to the demand and support from you guys.   Yeah, you know how they say be careful what wish for right.. we have some exciting things planned for you whether you like it or not so hold on tight!

Jana is one of th0se girls who walks past you on the street and you wonderful if she’s actually from our planet, well especially if you come from where I’m from.  She’s like a mirage when you’re calling for water in the desert, well I suppose life is really but a dream .. x mandy

I love You Bracelet: Litter SF  |  necklaces:  Luv AJ  | all denim and basics :  Alterior Motif  |  rings: The 2 Bandits V Alterior Motif

model: Jana Kruger 

styling + art direction +  editing: myself

photography: Madelyn Rose


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