Sunday Sanctuary: The Fundamentals

  If you’re a regular to our Sunday Sanctuary interior tours, you’ll know I am partial material palette selection of wood, steel, concrete and marble  And let’s be honest how can a you go wrong with those fundamentals.  Add some Hans Wenger furniture and some homogenous art and you have yourself a winning combo. This winning combo of

Sunday Sanctuary: Smooth Operator

It was only upon second glance I noticed this was a studio apartment, occupying the smallest of spaces…  I guess that when an interior is so perfectly planned and executed size doesn’t matter, what you notice above all else is the distinctive artwork, flawless monochromatic colour scheme or the way bright white spaces reflect upon dark wall

Sunday Sanctuary: Urban Jungle

We know it’s a jungle out there but for us, it’s all about the urban jungle…  And this city slicker may have just found her perfect oasis.. x Nest Together  .  CR2 Arquitetura  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

Sunday Sanctuary: Elsewhere

Quite often when I’m looking at interiors, it’s the small spaces that leave the biggest impression… and I can’t quite seem to get this space out of my mind, which may or may not have something to do with that closet full of ACNE pieces.. x Janne Olander  .  Stadshem  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

Sunday Sanctuary: In Contrast

As you may know, I have a thing for bright white interiors… a serious thing that is. But sometimes, it’s the darker details that catch my eye the most. This beautiful Scandinavian space plays with contrasts so perfectly, it has me suddenly thinking about an update of the midnight coloured kind..x Kristopher Johnsson  .  Sasa Antic

Sunday Sanctuary: Stairway to heaven

Viewing these images it’s hard to tell if I am looking at a feature staircase or an art installation, functional meets fine art in the best way possible. Whether it’s spiral, straight or curved, this Sunday Sanctuary has me suddenly wanting to add a second storey, if only just to for extra eye candy leading to it. When

Sunday Sanctuary: The Hideaway

We all know that travel is the spice of life, there is nothing like jumping on a plane knowing that adventure, delicious food and new memories await when your feet hit the ground in a new place. Sometimes though returning home is the sugar, cherries and cream on top… after many, many months on the road, this girl is would

Sunday Sanctuary: Easy Does It

If you ask me, sometimes the best things come in the simplest of packages and this incredible Swedish abode is no exception. Clean lines, an effortless colour palate and the perfect choice of tiles make this dream home one to remember… I can definitely see myself putting my feet and enjoying the surrounds here at the end of

Sunday Sanctuary: Sea Bed

After a long and very hot weekend here .. 37 degrees C and counting, we could think of nothing better than curling up in one of these tubs and soaking up the refreshing views.  There’s something to be said for a little saltwater therapy .. Zucchetti. Kos  .  Le Sirenuse  .  Sharyn Cairns  .  Pinterest 

Sunday Sanctuary: Mirror Mirror

We all love a good mirror let’s be honest, and I swear it’s not even about vanity.. there’s just something magical about the right mirror that can change the entire look of a room.  Vintage, Art Deco, super modern or grouped in a collection on the wall, we hope that you’re inspired .. happy Sunday

Sunday Sanctuary: Warm and Fuzzy

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve only just said goodbye to winter.   Even though I love summer I have to admit that I may be having some trouble letting go of the fuzzy textures and soft blankets that where so high on the radar during the chilly months. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of oversized Icelandic

Great Dane

Copenhagen may be the breeding ground for some of fashion’s most stylish people but also some of the most beautiful interiors on the planet.  If you’re a fan of white interiors with lot’s of natural light then you’ll have a soft spot for the apartment just like I do.  We love some mid week home