09. 12. 2014

Lust List

After a blurry last six months I’m finally back in my office again, the domain where creativity always seems to flourish and I’m so happy to be able to put together some beautiful content for you guys.  I know it might sound like a lie but I’ve been so busy that I haven’t actually even had time to shop online and the last time I bought something feels like September.  So to appease the shopping beast I’ve put together a Christmas Gift Guide to get your motors running.. all you need is someone to buy for (let’s be honest that can even be you).. I hope that you enjoy.  Don’t forget you can also now scroll over the image above and directly click on the object of your desire to head straight to the direct site .. xx

How To Be Parisian Book  .  Frends Headphones  .  Prism Cat Eye Sunglasses  .  Kate Spade Notebook  .  Balenciaga Perfume  .  Double Bar Chain Ring  .  Garance Dore Calendar  .  Chloé Book  .  Balenciaga  Asymmetric Bow Ring  .  Nars ‘Ecume’ Polish  .  Saint Laurent ‘Cassandre’ Bag  .  Hanging Pearl Earring  .  Je Parle Francais Tee: Etre Cecile  .  Obelisk Terrarium  .  Marble Notebook  .  Black ‘Time Teller’ Nixon Watch  .   Prada by Prada Perfume  .  Mirrored Side Table  .  Byredo Candle

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