22. 01. 2018

The Patriot

Celine-Knit-Dress-Chanel-Gabrielle-Bag-Paris-Amanda-Shadforth.1Celine-Knit-Dress-Chanel-Gabrielle-Bag-Paris-Amanda-Shadforth.3 copy Celine-Knit-Dress-Chanel-Gabrielle-Bag-Paris-Amanda-Shadforth.2



If you’re not the girl who lives in Paris, you’re most likely me … yep that’s right that girl who imagines that she lives there.

On the weekends I order croissants, when I leave my makeup on at night I like to reason that it’s ok because it’s so very French no? And I can admit with no shame at all that I may own several beret’s even if I can’t successfully pull off donning one on my not-so Frenchie head.

So when it comes to the likes of Celine or hit of Chanel Gabrielle, it’s only fair to stay consistent with the Parisian patriotism right?

And if you don’t mind, I’ll have another croissant and by the way you should join me … xx

knit dress: Celine  .  black bag: Chanel ‘Gabrielle’  .  ‘Filipa’ sunglasses: Loewe  .   earring: Holly Ryan  .  black boots: Elie Saab or lo-fi option here   

photography: Janneke Storm  .  hair + makeup: Penny Antuar

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