08. 03. 2019

The Gentlewoman

Burberry-Bag-London-Grey-Suit-Fashion-Street-style-Oracle-Fox Burberry-Bag-London-Grey-Suit-Fashion-Street-style-Oracle-FoxBurberry-Bag-London-Grey-Suit-Fashion-Street-style-Oracle-FoxBurberry-Bag-London-Grey-Suit-Fashion-Street-style-Oracle-Fox

Kim and Kanye, Mary-Kate and Ashley, Netflix and chill. Just some of the iconic couples where it seems odd to even mention one without the other? Honestly, don’t even get me started on Ross and Rachel.

When it comes to fashion we all know that some things just go together, but I dare you to find a more dynamic duo than Burberry & the trench coat… They are the strawberry to each other’s cream.

When Burberry recently asked me to join them in London for their London Fashion Week show, my very enthusiastic yes could be heard for miles around. Burberry has always been a brand that I have loved and admired, so the opportunity to travel to beautiful London to see the show and the collection up close was an absolute dream come true.

For me, Burberry embodies English sophistication, but with a modern twist. A modern twist that holds a broad spectrum of clothing and accessories to make everyday life a little easier and more beautiful. Burberry comprises of fashion on an intuitive yet clever level, one that is suited to the modern day gentlewoman. All in all, there is a sense that the Burberry woman could go anywhere she needs without feeling underdress or overdone, the perfect combination.

Speaking of the perfect combination, I think there’s no denying that Burberry & the trench coat are the fashion equivalent of Beyonce and Jay Z – An iconic couple with a long-standing love affair that has the world enraptured… And we’re all crazy in love (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). xx

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