25. 04. 2019

The Right Angle

Balenciaga-Square-Knife-Boot-Jil-Sander-Bag-Amanda-Shadforth.jpg     Balenciaga-Square-Knife-Boot-Jil-Sander-Bag-Amanda-Shadforth.jpg Balenciaga-Square-Knife-Boot-Jil-Sander-Bag-Amanda-Shadforth.jpg Balenciaga-Square-Knife-Boot-Jil-Sander-Bag-Amanda-Shadforth.jpg Balenciaga-Square-Knife-Boot-Jil-Sander-Bag-Amanda-Shadforth.jpg
If I was to describe my approach to personal style ‘fashion curious’ may be the most fitting answer. Like many of us, when something new enters the fashion zeitgeist, it becomes somewhat of an obsession and I get to work researching any previous iterations of a trend, and how new found versions are being loved and embraced. 

When this wonderfully geometric boot by Balenciaga first arrived at MATCHESFASHION.COM it quickly became the piece that got us feeling a little hip to be square (if you’ll pardon the very obvious pun). And while this version is a uniquely innovative ’Balenciaga’ take on this shape, the square toe shape has had many interesting lives over the years. 

If we were to take it way back, the square toe commanded European shoe fashions throughout the 17th century, worn by both men and women alike who loved to incorporate ‘right kind of angle’ into their daily footwear. Fast forward to more recent history the square sole has been sported by American Football players as a more functional boot for kicking, cowboys who desired more room for comfort and of course sky high 70’s platform boots which my uncle assures me assisted his moves on the dance-floor.  

Skip ahead a little and for those of us who remember, a major moment in the 90’s where chunky square toed everything was the only way to go – Right before the extreme point became every girls weapon of choice (sometimes literally) in the early 2000’s. 

But let’s flip to modern day, where brands like The Row eased us back into this trend with their beautiful soft edged slingbacks and Balenciaga are leading the charge with heeled boots and mules of the square variety. 

I’ve always thought that being called square was more of a compliment than anything else, and lucky for us some of our favourite designers are here to help us dress the part.. x

boot: Balenciaga Double Square Boots  .  bag: Jil Sander   .  ring: Jil Sander

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