11. 01. 2019

Creature Comforts

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The end of 2018 appeared to be one big blurr, some quality down time is definitely what the doctor has ordered for January.
Creature comforts known as the material comforts that contribute to physical ease and well-being.
Such as good food and accommodation – or in this case good shoes and home accessories.

Hope everyone has a nice and relaxing weekend xx


water bottle: Izola .   socks: Gucci  .   bag: Pixie Market  .   sunglasses: Linda Farrow  .  earrings: Pixie Market  .  vase: H&M  .  pen: Need Supply.  .  sculpture mobile: Volta  .   pearl hair clips: Pixie Market   .   nail polish: J Hannah. .  bath mat Cold Picnic  .   eye mask: Fog Linen .  slippers: The Row  .  vase: Anissa Kermiche.  .   key ring: Balenciaga

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