21. 01. 2013

Bali High

Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.5Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.35 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.34 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.9Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.11 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.16Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.4Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.8Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.36 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.33 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.31 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.20 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.19 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.14 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.3Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.30 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.27 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.21 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.17 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.13Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.32 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.22 Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.1Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013.7Bali-Photo-Diary-2012-2013So I know that this is technically a fashion blog but I’m hoping I’m off the hook if I post a photo diary of my christmas break.  The only reason that I think it’ll be ok is that if you’ve been following me on instagram you’ll know that I went to Bali.  Two solid weeks of eating, surfing and relaxing doesn’t make for high grade fashion content but I’m sure you won’t mind.  If you’re think this kind of trip sounds like you too feel free to ask away in the comments and be sure to stay with my friends Tim and Seewah at Uluawatu Surf Villas  the most beautiful place on the Bukit..

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