14. 01. 2013

Hanging With Lottie


Meet my girl Lottie, she’s not only a platinum blonde bombshell but also one of Australia’s newest and coolest designers.  Pastel colour blocked leather jackets, silky print dresses and basically the perfect selection of pieces to adorn your bod on tropical islands and major city streets alike.  After a night of beachside cocktails, a magenta sunset and too much laughter with Lottie and her man Jock who’s Tee label In Minds Eye is also a favourite, we visited this beautiful new location in Seminyak ‘Motel Mexicola to shoot some Lottie Hall goodness for you.  Ole ..

All leather and batik pieces by Lottie Hall + Dope Squad Tee by  In Minds Eye ..

A special thank you to Sally from Motel Mexicola . . xx

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