29. 02. 2016

Golden Hour

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My favourite time of the day has always been that last hour when the sun hits the horizon .. ‘the magic hour’.  As a photographer and artist that golden hour is something that we chase, like a pot of gold  .. literally .. under the rainbow.  Light is one of the most integral elements in shooting my projects, I find that beautiful lighting can make all of the difference on skin tones and how radiant one can look in the end results.

Recently I was lucky enough to team up with La Prairie to share my own vision on those golden hour moments.  The moments when the sun reflects in a way that makes skin glow and highlights the natural beauty of light and shade .. and secretly with a little help from our new special friend La Prairie Cellular Radiance.   Let’s be honest if you’re a bit of tomboy like me, your skin may not naturally radiate like diamonds in the sun, so I’m always open to a little assistance from those that know.  When a beauty product comes along that is actually infused with gold, it has my tick of approval.  So ladies, it’s not about the filter that you use on your instagram it’s the preparation that goes into the photo to begin with. The artist in me can safely say that it’s best to start with a well prepared canvas if you’re looking to paint a beautiful picture.

– La Prairie Cellular Radiance –

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