16. 11. 2016

The Palms


As we sit at our office desks, counting down the final days of the year all I can think about is a holiday.  Sadly this year for me won’t be about boarding a plane to some nordic winter wonderland complete with matching christmas cardigans and spiked-up pissy eggnog, neither will it be about lavishly swanning around some tropical island romantically dotted with couples hammocks suspended from gently swaying palms, more-so it will be some kind of Griswolds all-in family affair, dogs, babies, relatives.. The whole shebang.   Never the less I will do my best for the benefits of social media to make an all out attempt to show you guys what I’m up to, even if it means cropping out Aunty Sue in her party hat or the dog eating a fallen sausage.

Don’t get me wrong either, it’s not about the fact that I like to pretend that life is perfect for the social circles, but more that amongst the chaos of normality and family fuelled vacations, that there can be precious moments in-between.  You see life isn’t perfect, in fact most of us live a crazy busy life that is generally speaking un-instagrammable most of the time, but funnily enough when you take the time to shoot a beautiful picture of the view outside of your hotel room, or the salty swimming pool where you spent most of your holiday drinking pina-coladas, you capture another side of your experience, a quieter more curated side, one that you can look back on and think to yourself, wasn’t that the most beautiful place I’ve ever visited.  Even better still is the fact that when you take the time to convince your boyfriend to take a photo of you against that magical backdrop, it’s usually the only photo from you holiday where you’re not hung-over or sunburnt, so it’s the kind of picture you know that you’ll treasure forever.  If you’re not on holidays with a boyfriend or bestie, I then strongly advise you to take with you my incredibly talented photographer friend Emily Delphine.  Yep, Emily ticks all of the boxes, she knows how to take a good picture, she’ll have your back when you’re tag is sticking out of your swimsuit and she knows how to  capture the raw beauty of babes like Laura here.

So girls, this Oracle Fox Journal is for you and it’s a little piece of heaven to remind you that holidays are just around the corner, and even though they might be relative infested or not so camera worthy, all you need is a suitcase full of clothes, a BFF who can shoot your photos and oh .. some gently swaying palms won’t go astray either.

All clothes were the models or the teams… Styling on the spot.

Shot at the Four Seasons in Ubud.

Photography + Styling: Emily Delphine  .  Model: Laura Gavrilenko

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