18. 12. 2011


HI! H..I that is for Hawaii!  Yes indeedy if you haven’t been following me on twitter you might not have realised that I’ve been absent from the blogosphere for the last week because I am in Hawaii!  It also seems to be the way that when you’re in Hawaii, actually to be more specific on the North Shore..Oahu you have to go by island time and blogging battles with surfing and eating for priority.  I’ve also had this really annoying issue with the fact that I keep taking so many photos every day that I didn’t know where to start so this is just a taste tester of what’s to come!
I also have to let you guys in on my main reason for coming to Hawaii, a secret that I’ve been keeping from you all for a looongg time.  This week is the launch of a collaboration that I’ve been working on with in my opinion one of the greatest surf lifestyle labels in the world, an institution that’s played a major role in my life growing up as a surfer…non other than Billabong.  Woohoo!  So I can’t wait to share with you guys the ‘Oracle Fox for Billabong’ capsule collection and the wicked campaign we shot with one of my favourite models around.  So stay tuned, run wild, run free…..xx mandy
wearing primarily: Oracle Fox + Billabong
all photography: self shot
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