02. 08. 2011

Swedish Summer

Hej Hej from west coast archipelagoes of sunny Sweden! So if you’ve been wondering if I just ran away with the vikings and was never coming home again I thought I’d better share with you guys what I’ve been up to this week.  How amazing is the scenery! I had no idea that this magical stoney seascape existed until I flew into Gothenburg and boarded a boat with some of our best friends.  Little villages scatter the coastline, selling delicious seafood, tasty beer and good times.
Not too many outfit posts to be done here since most of the time you’re hanging out in a bikini and shorts if you’re lucky, which in all honesty is not something I want to put you guys through.
Sadly enough I’m leaving today to head back home but I have a gazillion awesome pictures to share with you guys.  
Hej då’ for now Sweden and thank you so much for having me! xx

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