30. 05. 2011

Land Of Milk & Honey

So finally I’m back from a sneaky little surf trip I took with some of my favourite surfer-belles!  We travelled to Bali and then to one of my favourite new places in all the world Lakey Peak on the island of Sumbawa.  Not much to do there but surf, lie around eating Nasi Goreng and drinking Bintang.  Internet was barely existent but I suppose you could say that’s a blessing until you open your computer again upon return, ahhh! This trip was full of the usual highs and lows of a trip to Indonesia..tropical breakfast buffets, reef cuts, wicked sunsets, bartering wars, 4WD treks, crystal clear reef breaks and at least one NDE or better known as the ‘near death experience’. Back in Bali I managed to get some amazing goodies made that I hope to be sharing with you guys really soon.
 I’m super stoked to come home feeling refreshed and ready for lots of exciting new projects coming up that will take me to more amazing destinations,  stay tuned ladyloves..
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 Decked out in some of my favourite designers in some of the perfect pieces for an Indo vacation, bathers: Nookie Beach, head piece: Litter SF, cut-out shoulder top Suprecuff: Buffalo Girl

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