Sunday Sanctuary: Warm and Fuzzy

Down here in the Southern Hemisphere we’ve only just said goodbye to winter.   Even though I love summer I have to admit that I may be having some trouble letting go of the fuzzy textures and soft blankets that where so high on the radar during the chilly months. It’s no secret that I’m a fan of oversized Icelandic

Sunday Sanctuary: The Swede

Crisp natural light, industrial style fittings and soft leather armchairs just the perfect balance of old verse new.  A dreamlike Swedish apartment, enviable to any pinterest mood board fanatic or home renovator looking for inspiration.  Sometimes the Swede’s really do know best ..  Home Decor Life  .  Pinterest  .  Tumblr

Sunday Sanctuary: Floor Space

Not that long ago I visited some friends in Sweden who had a summer house perched high on the cliffs of a beautiful seaside fjord.  That little Scandinavian glass house sat amongst 8 story pine trees and looked down to the waterway below, but one thing that stole my heart apart from the view was those

Sunday Sanctuary: Sleep Easy

Mmm bed, the one place in the world where you truly can dream your own reality.  I don’t know about you but I’ve had a rather large weekend and I couldn’t think of anything better right now than crawling into one of these beautiful white pillowy sanctuaries.  Happy weekend and I hope this piece has

Sunday Sanctuary: Room With A View

It’s no secret that crisp white interiors are on the top of my favourites list, when you add oversized french style windows with natural light beaming through it’s a match made in heaven.. Blood and Champagne  Planete Deco  Oracle Fox Pinterest  Oracle Fox Tumblr

Sunday Sanctuary: The Scandinavian

Welcome to Sunday Sanctuary! A new type of article that I hope to be posting each Sunday night, the perfect excuse to curl up on the couch with your laptop after a big weekend, oh and if you are anything like me a block of peppermint Lindt dark chocolate.  Hopefully you find some pinterest worthy inspiration but if

Great Dane

Copenhagen may be the breeding ground for some of fashion’s most stylish people but also some of the most beautiful interiors on the planet.  If you’re a fan of white interiors with lot’s of natural light then you’ll have a soft spot for the apartment just like I do.  We love some mid week home

Marie Olsson Nylander

You may recognise some of these images from Tumblr or other inspirations but I’m so excited to finally share a collection of beautiful spaces by Interior Designer Marie Olsson Nylander.  I also shared an article some time ago that featured pics of Marie’s beautiful home in Sweden .. such a talent, looks as though it might