Equator Line

As you may have guessed I haven’t been missing in action but thought it only appropriate after such a full on year to hit the holidays before the christmas rush. From a tiny island in the middle of the ocean just off Bali I hope to keep you updated through instagram on copious amounts of warm weather inspiration, drinkable coconuts and far too many poolside selfies..let the good times roll..


Packing some basics for an island rendezvous.. the count down is on.


   Not really qualifying as an outfit post I guess but hey sometimes a girl just feels the need to double up her denim and roll around in the sand.  Just a taste tester of what’s to come as I prepare to pack for 2 weeks on a semi deserted island .. throw the fresh


Roses are usually something that I stop to smell but never wear. It’s not that I’m against florals all together it’s just that I can never seem to find a print that get’s my garden growing. Thanks to Givenchy for giving roses an update I can safely say that I’m now floral fan, no need to nip this one at the bud..


They say that a journey of a thousand miles starts with the first step. Seriously though in my opinion any journey no matter how long or how many steps should actually start with a rediculously good pair of shoes.. no? Last week I stepped out in some seriously good heels to collaborate with Louis Vuitton in celebration of the newly refurbished Brisbane LV store. With the store addition of a shoe salon my wardrobe will never look the same ..ah hem and hopefully neither will those long journeys..


Lately hardware for me has been all about clean and simple.. just a few favourites I’ve been running on high rotation..

Lucky Strike

Has the coat become an accessory? Considering it’s summer here right now personally it’s all obsession for me and not at all about practicality (errr..although let’s not forget I’m wearing a midriff here). Recently a guy friend of mine commented that he thought these kind of coats were saved primarily for well dressed streakers.. well I guess there could be something practical in it after all.. xx

Weird Science

This is Annabelle, not your everyday Bio-medical student, but hey I’m pretty sure that the medical world won’t mind. With a collection of some of my top pics from the iconic tailoring masters Saba, Annabelle and I hit the ramp to rework some classics for you. Here’s hoping you dig on the chemistry.

Hotel De Ville

L’art De Rien..the art of nothing, something that I previously, as a visual artist, spent a lifetime fine tuning. These days the pace has quickened just a tad but the philosophy still exists and what better place to practice it than in the city of Paris. Well you know what they say.. only the most imaginative can make something out of nothing.. x


Leathur Sweat: Jamie Fame  |  jeans: THP  |  loafers: Celine (similar here) |  bracelets: Stella & Bow +  Celeste Tesoreiro