26 . 11 . 2012


Personal Outfit


Give me anything made of Neoprene and I’m a fan.  Obviously this stems from the fact that all winter I’m getting around on the weekends in head to toe neoprene, and no I’m not a weirdo it’s just that the water gets so cold.  Balenciaga somehow managed to take neoprene to a whole new level and I jumped on the elevator.  Heading out for the night with the incredible Vogue Girl Japan Director Sayumi Gunji and my amazing project co-ordinator Mutsuko could be no better time to drag this little baby out of the closet .. it’s time to rock’n'roll…

dress: Balenciaga  ||  bag: Givenchy  ||  ring: Dallas & Carlos  ||  earrings:  H&M  ||  boots: Asos

photography: Nat Lanyon  ||  Illustrations: Mandy Shadforth

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