26 . 10 . 2012

Shibuya Streets


Tokyo-Camilla-Marc.5Tokyo-Camilla-Marc.10 Tokyo-Camilla-Marc.1Tokyo-Camilla-Marc.3Tokyo-Camilla-Marc.11 Tokyo-Camilla-Marc.5Tokyo-Camilla-MarcEvery corner in Tokyo is amazing, well in my opinion anyway, but I have to say Shibuya is something else.  On one street corner I came across this little restaurant, where else in the world can you make your menu selections based on life sized plasticine models? Beer included!  Certainly makes decisions for this Libran a whole lot easier …

photography: Nat Lanyon

Strapless Dress: Camilla & Marc  |  sleeveless tee: gifted  |  bag: Givenchy  |  shoes: Winston Wolfe  |  bracelet: ASOS  |  watch: Nixon  |  sunglasses: Celine

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25 . 10 . 2012

Abbie Girl

Oracle Fox Editorial

Abbey-H-Oracle-Fox-Nat-Lanyon.1Abbey-H-Oracle-Fox-Nat-Lanyon.5 Abbey-H-Oracle-Fox-Nat-Lanyon.4 Abbey-H-Oracle-Fox-Nat-Lanyon.3 Abbey-H-Oracle-Fox-Nat-Lanyon.2Abbey-H-Oracle-Fox-Nat-Lanyon.6Abbey-H-Oracle-Fox-Nat-LanyonLately I’ve been thinking that I’d like to try to put a little bit more effort into personal posts for Oracle Fox.  Here’s a little shoot that I styled for my photographer partner in crime Nat Lanyon with little babe and rising star Abbie H, we hope that you guys enjoy ..

Photography: Nat Lanyon   |   model:  Abbie H of Busy Models + Viviens Model Management 

sports top: Nike   |   denim jacket: Maison Scotch   |   Iron Maiden sweat   |   leather shorts: Lilya     |  sunglasses: ASOS

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22 . 10 . 2012

The Radicals


Camilla-Marc-Resort-2013.1Camilla-Marc-Resort-2013 Camilla-Marc-Resort-2013.4 Camilla-Marc-Resort-2012 Camilla-Marc-Resort-2012.3Camilla-Marc-Resort-2012.1 Camilla-Marc-Resort-2013.5

The magical team of Bec Parsons and Nicole Pollard for Camilla & Marc’s Resort 2012 collection.  Loving the inspiration of the House Of Versailles for this latest collection, beautiful jewel prints and architectural tailoring ..

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22 . 10 . 2012

Speedway Racer


Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.5Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.1Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012 Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.8 Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.7 Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.3 Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.2Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.6 Anna-Selezneva-Vogue-Paris-Nov-2012.4I’m always holding my breath for the next Vogue Paris … you never get let down.  Geraldine smashes it out of the park yet again …

Vogue Paris November 2012

photographer: Lachlan Bailey  |   model: Anna Selezneva   |   stylist: Geradline Saglio

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19 . 10 . 2012

The Temple Door

Personal Outfit

Tokyo-Asakusa-Lover.11Tokyo-Asakusa-Lover.3Tokyo-Asakusa-Lover.4Tokyo-Asakusa-Lover.8 Tokyo-Asakusa-Lover.1Tokyo-Asakusa-Lover.12

I’m kind of in love with George Costanza.  Yep I know, it’s probably a bit unexpected but I’m just putting it out there.  Well George there’s no need to lose it anymore and scream..’ serenity now!’  have I found the place for you.  On a day that I had no idea was a public holiday in a city lived in by millions I headed out to the Senso-ji temple in Asakusa.  Amongst a sea of school kids, tourists and beautifully dressed local Japanese women there’s something peaceful and magic in the air. Next time you’re having a bad and you’re feeling the pressure like Georgie boy this is the place to be..

photography: Nat Lanyon

Top: Lover   |   skirt: Kahlo(similar here)  |   bag: Givenchy ‘Obsedia’   |   sunglasses: Celine   |   shoes: Kurt Geiger   |  necklace: Luv AJ   |   watch: Nixon

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19 . 10 . 2012



Dion-Lee-Autumn-Winter-2013-Transit.38Dion-Lee-Autumn-Winter-2013-Transit.39 Dion-Lee-Autumn-Winter-2013-Transit.37Dion-Lee-Autumn-Winter-2013-Transit.33 Dion-Lee-Autumn-Winter-2013-Transit.32 Dion-Lee-Autumn-Winter-2013-Transit.34Dion-Lee-Autumn-Winter-2013-Transit.36

Slashed filters of plaited leather, backpacks suspended through jackets harnessing the body and prints created from thermal imagery of the human body.. it’s no wonder Dion Lee has such a beautiful understanding of the female form.  Dion’s latest AW 2013 collection ‘Transit’ is divine, I can’t wait to treat my contours to one of these pieces… Oyster Daily

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17 . 10 . 2012

Western Australia


Broome-Oracle-Fox.181Broome-Oracle-Fox.121Broome-Oracle-Fox.191 Broome-Oracle-Fox.11Broome-Oracle-Fox.81 Broome-Oracle-Fox.31 Broome-Oracle-Fox.21Broome-Oracle-Fox.201Broome-Oracle-Fox.281 Broome-Oracle-Fox.261You never know how beautiful you’re own backyard is sometimes right?  Remember I went on a little trip to Western Australia not that long ago, well my adventures where part of the launch for a new e-commerce store but while I was there I was able to make the most of this beautiful location.. ..

A special thank you to Adrian Fernand, photographer Sam Jaratt and one of my all time favourite makeup masters Merton Muaremi

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