Magnificent Seven

It’s not every day that you are propositioned with the opportunity to photograph 7 separate models within a 2 hour time frame on Rue De Rivoli, one of the busiest streets in Paris.  Literally upon direct departure from the Valentino show in the Tuilleries, and running in ‘not so practical’ footwear to our location, I was recently blessed

Volez Voguez Voyagez

Deep in the heart of Tokyo currently lies a treasure like no other.   A pale blue timber rectangular structure, not much larger than the ground floor of one of your favourite French departments stores, nestled amongst the towering Tokyo skyline.  The woody aroma from within may seem generally unfamiliar in a cityscape such as this, but makes

Cross Over

   So this is apparently the beginning of winter down here yonder in the southern part of the hemisphere.  With reports that this April may be the hottest on record when in fact we are nearing the end of Autumn, I’m confident in saying that trans-seasonal dressing now should officially have it’s own hashtag. Whether you’re


Our velvet obsessions don’t stop at your sofa.  From Vetements to Saint Laurent, velvet has us purring with satisfaction, just pour yourself a scotch on the rocks, slide on into your velvet smoking jacket and get ready for season to begin .. Opening Ceremony  .  Joseph  .  Vetements  .  Philip Lim  .  Saint Laurent

Oracle Fox For Versace

So girls meet your new best friend, the Versace ‘Palazzo Empire Bag’.  The kind of best friend who is happy to lug your personal belongings around even though you only ever use half of them, the kind of best friend who loves to stand by your side just to make you look good and the

Sunday Sanctuary: Jielde

There are many who believe that the Jielde lamp belongs in the ‘cult’ furniture category… And I have to say, I’m definitely one of those people. Since production of this piece began in the 1950’s, this lamp has been a staple in style forward interiors across the globe. Designed by Jean-Louis Domecq as a way

Oracle Fox For LXE

There are certain places in the world where one would jump at the chance to photograph and as you probably already know, for me Paris is at the top of the list.  Over the last year you may have noticed that I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing brands in regards to Creative

Going Nowhere

On location in the south of France, nothing could seem better than some of my favourite black classics after a long day discovering the secrets of the Cote D’Azur.  It’s all about minimal layering, a stand out shoe.. and oh just the right amount of Mediterranean breeze to achieve the kind of hair flick that

Sunday Sanctuary: Bright Side

If you ask me, the best kind of bright is the one that comes from beautiful, natural light. This Swedish home proves that a space doesn’t always have to be colourful to be exciting, just take a monochrome palette and make sure that natures best asset is able to shine on in… It’s time like

Trend: Fishnet

Forget everything you know about Madonna’s 80’s mesh ensembles and the fishnet frenzied 90’s, with no shortage of safety pins and nip.  Thanks to our fave’s Proenza Schouler, Celine and Dior the breezy easyness of fishnet has made a contemporary comeback, one with sophistication and elegance and it’s all about quality of quantity. Think peak-a-boo