23. 08. 2018

The Art of Pic Nic

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There is definitely an art to a perfect picnic.  The beauty of enjoing a day off, the shameless laziness, idleness, the simple happiness the fabric of the checked picnic-blanket and sandwich squares. Eating with your hands, let your mind play with the clouds, feeling the wind on your skin bold colors remind us of tasting the fresh air, feeling the green grass between your toes being awake just in the moment.

In a world where the traditional picnic seem to be less apparent and more fairy tale, this Oracle Fox Journal has brought the Art of Picnic-ing back to life. And for that, we can thank our very good friend and Journal veteran Swiss based photographer Noémi Ottilia Szabo and her team of creatives.

Sadly most of us in the Oracle Fox team don’t get the chance to picnic often and more often than not it’s take away on our laps on a park bench but in an ideal world if we could choose this would be the kind of picnic we’d be more than happy to be part of … just bring your own sandwiches and we’ll bring the rug .. x

photography: Noemi Ottilia Szabo  .  stylist: Petra Haller  .  stylist assistant: Hanna Rueckert  .  model: Anna from Monster Mgmt  .  hair & make up: Sophia Singh

PS.  We’re more than excited to welcome any submissions to the Oracle Fox Journal and encourage all of our creative friends who would like to participate in submitting to reference the @oraclefoxjournal instagram for the type of content that we love to share …

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