13. 03. 2017

In Between

Oracle-Fox-Paris-Fashion-Week-Vetements-Tiffany-Louis-Vuitton-4Oracle-Fox-Paris-Fashion-Week-Vetements-Tiffany-Louis-Vuitton-2Oracle-Fox-Paris-Fashion-Week-Camilla-and-Marc-Blazer-02 Oracle-Fox-Paris-Fashion-Week-Vetements-Tiffany-Louis-Vuitton-2Oracle-Fox-Paris-Fashion-Week-Camilla-and-Marc-Blazer-01

When you first land in Paris after a 22 hour transit you need to do at least one of three things.  The first being head to your favourite coffee shop (as above) on Rue de Rivoli .. let’s be honest coffee is the answer to everything, the second is to layer .. frostbite just ain’t that cool right now, and thirdly sleep is always a good option.  Mmm not sure that I listed these guys in the correct order .. alas one can always find time for sleep on the return trip home no?

turtle neck: Uniqlo  .  blouse: Ellery  .  denim jeans: Vetements  .  navy vivienne coat: Camilla and Marc  .  mules: Stella McCartney  .  bag: Louis Vuitton  .

ring: Tiffany & Co


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