26. 01. 2017

Acne Studios



This is Acne Pre-Fall 2017 and we love it.  After much consideration I wanted to start sharing with you, the things that my team and I are loving right now.  Aside from the Oracle Fox Pinterest and Tumblr, I wanted to be more giving with what’s making our brains tick.

I have folders and folders on my phone, magazines all over my desk and a moodboard full of imagery that you never get to see (let’s be honest at best of times it resembles scenes reminiscent of post-Coachella in the messy department).  Never-the-less how is our relationship meant to grow stronger if you only see one side of the brain that is.

So without further adieu, enjoy some of our favourite looks from Jonny Johansson’s latest offerings.  With a 70’s focused kind of punctuation and a playfulness  that resonates with braking the fashion rules, we’re feeling the vibes.  PS. what girl can say no to a pair of slouchy floral trousers or a shearling messenger bag right?

Acne Studios Pre-Fall 2017 Collection 

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