16. 10. 2017

Double Shot

Acne-Corduroy-Brown-Suit-Knot-Bag-Paris Acne-Corduroy-Brown-Suit-Knot-Bag-Paris.4 Acne-Corduroy-Brown-Suit-Knot-Bag-Paris.1 Acne-Corduroy-Brown-Suit-Knot-Bag-Paris.2 Acne-Corduroy-Brown-Suit-Knot-Bag-Paris.3

A google search for alternative names for brown will have you uncovering a plethora of stupendous options  .. Caramel, Chestnut, Cinnamon, Pecan, Syrup just to name a few, sounding like ingredients that one would use to make a christmas cake much?

Now that your mouth is watering and I’ve got you just a little bit intrigued about the virtues of this muddy hue, I’m going to share with you that coming into the season ahead there is something definitely hot about ‘chocolate’.

Safe enough for those of us monochromatically challenged, easy on the eye enough for you to hang towards the more muted spectrum of your wardrobe without throwing out your colour scheme and classic enough to stand the test of time .. who could forget Annie Hall’s beige-y beginnings.

The coffee coloured chroma is back on our radar so let’s turn that brown upside down and pour me a double shot if you please.

corduroy blazer: Acne  .  corduroy pants: Acne  .  knot bag: Acne ‘Musubi’  .  earring: Balenciaga  .  sunglasses: Stella McCartney 

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