17. 01. 2017


Bally, sommet Bag, Bally Bag, Bally Sommet, Houndstooth, Balenciaga Coat, Stella McCartney Shoes, Amanda Shadforth, Oracle Fox
Bally, Sommet Bag, Bally Bag, Black Bag, 2017 bags, trend, amanda Shadforth, oracle fox

Note to self.. life ain’t so much of a drag when you acquire yo-self a new bag.

Friends meet my latest acquisition the Bally Sommet Bag.  Impeccably stylish, lightweight enough to carry a Hermione Granger-load of tricks, and so practical in it’s adjustable-strap functioning abilities that you virtually could live out of this bag and save yourself  the rent you pay for that overpriced but oh-so instagram worthy apartment that you share with your cat.

Yes, there are some bags that scream ‘let’s twerk until the morning hours’, there are others that mumble quietly ‘stop filling me with your text books and crusty left over croissants’ and then .. there are bags such as this that elegantly with a touch of wit quietly comment  ‘honey, the world is your oyster, let me hand you a fork’..

Bally Sommet Bag

wearing: jacket: Loéil  .  white knit: Joseph  .  bustier: Orseund Iris  .  houndstooth pants: Loéil  .  shoes: Stella McCartney

photography: Janneke Storm 

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