12. 08. 2013

Geometric Progression

Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy.1Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy.2Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy.8 Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy.3Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy.7Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy.4 Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy.2Asos-Check-Skirt-Givenchy

If you’re anything like me the suggestion of geometric patterns brings back flooding memories of high school algebra.  That nauseating feeling of being totally unprepared for a period one maths exam only compounded by the stress of cramming as much information into my head as possible while standing on a crowded school bus.. hence the foray into a career of art and fashion.  Finally grids and geometrics have become exciting again since storming 2013 runways, never have I been so excited about lineal details.. I’m guessing if you’re out there Mr Edwards you may be feeling a little proud.. xx

leather biker jacket: Anine Bing  | white scuba shirt  |  skirt: Asos  |  shoes: Givenchy  |  clutch: Givenchy  | sunglasses: Celine  |  rings: Asos

photography: Madelyn Rose

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