10. 01. 2013

Mrs Wolfe

Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.1Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.7 Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.5Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.6 Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.4Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.12 Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.2

Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.9 Winston-Wolfe-AW-2013.3

Super excited for our girl Kristie and her new label Winston Wolfe perfect monochromatic butter soft leather pieces and sports orientated basics..

You can check out Winston Wolfe .. here

photography: Akila Berjaoui  ||  model: Miriam  ||  stylist: Hayley Bonham  ||  h+m: Nadine Monley

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