17. 07. 2012

Erin Wasson + One Teaspoon


I’m super excited to share with you guys an Oracle Fox exclusive .. One Teaspoon‘s latest collection titled “Lovecats” modelled by none other than super babe Erin Wasson, a match made in heaven!

Recently I was also lucky enough to catch up with Jamie Blakey the mastermind behind One Teaspoon to chat to her about the collection, shooting the campaign and hanging out with the minx herself, Erin Wasson.  We fired Jamie some fun quick questions and also delved into the nitty gritty behind the shoot, we hope that you enjoy…

Pastels or neons?

I tend to do colour in small doses.  

Neons generally under my clothes so it’s just a little.  Pastels not really unless it’s on my nails.  

Soy Chai Latte or Coke?

Soy Chai unless I’m somewhere really really hot then I’ll go a coke. Otherwise it’s a double shot soy flat white please.

Isabel Marant sneakers or Givenchy pumps?

Neither. I like them both but I’m not physched to buy them.  But if I had to choose it’d be the sneakers. 

Hendricks or The Presets?

Hendricks on a Sunday, Monday, tuesday, wednesday and Presets on every other day

E News or David Attborough?

This ones easy.  David Attbrough!  I really really can’t stand E news. 

Maldives or Paris?

Hard one. Cause again depends on where you’ve been what you feel like cause obviously either are amazing!  Today I’m gonna go with Paris cause I just watched a Movie all based in Paris so I’m feelin it. 

Mascara or lipstick?


What was it like working with Erin?

Awesome.  Super easy. 

Were you nervous?


Did you introduce Erin to some good old Aussie slang, or was she able to teach you some cool L.A lingo?

Not really she’s pretty down with the Aussie lingo, she knows a lot of us and has hung in Aus a bunch of times so she was cool with it all. I wouldn’t say she does the LA lingo 

Do you remember what Erin was wearing when she rocked up to the shoot?

Baggy jersey pants and a white tee and some low cowboy boots. Easy comfy stuff to throw on and off when we’re facing from location to location.

Can you tell us the on set menu? Do you think Erin is a doughnut or a salad sanga kinda girl?

You know we didn’t really stop to eat. We just had coffee and bananas.

Tell us about the location?

It was all in Venice.  We shot in the backstreets, in a big field in between 2 highways, on a beach, in her friends art studio, in a liquor store.  Was fun!  

What were Erin’s favourite pieces on the shoot?

For sure the Gold Leather Pants, She loved the loose fit of them.  The flares, The domino rollers, the stripe bandits, The Cash leather jacket, the tees.

Did she snavel some goodies to take home?

Yep we gave her the stuff she loved. 

Are there any funny stories you can share with us from the shoot?

One I can think of right now was when we were shooting in the liquor store.  The guy was cool with it.  She grabbed the beer from the fridge and we’re just shooting away, then she gets some shots opening the beer and drinking it… the ol dude looked up and saw her and lost his shit! Starting screaming at us all in Spanish – all we caught at the end of it all was GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT, I WILL GET BIG FINE GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!!.. .. We had all the shots so we grabbed the beer threw him the money and got the hell outta there.  Was funny for us but ol mate had a big freak out.

I know that you’re probably going to get this all the time, but can you tell Oracle Fox readers your inspiration behind this collection?

This question is always hard for me cause I don’t follow a theme or a trend. I go with my own style and the inspiration is whatever I feel like wearing at the time. I draw what I feel like wearing and a week later the collection is designed.

One Teaspoon is known for its amazing denim, distressed leather and wicked relaxed vibe, how do you maintain your artistic vision to continually take One Teaspoon to the next level?

We’re lucky in that we have the trust and support of our major customers and they tend to go where we take them.  Sometimes it takes some convincing but they generally come along for the ride which is amazing.  If we didn’t have their support we wouldn’t be able to keep evolving.  In saying that I wouldn’t have it any other way… if I didn’t have that freedom I’d go abit mad. 

If One Teaspoon could collaborate with anyone in the world, designer or individual, who would it be?

Haven’t really thought about that before but I reckon like the costume designer from Game of Thrones or Pirates of the Carribean  would be pretty sweet. 

Any last words?

See you all at Splendour! We’ve got a nail bar there….come visit.

Thank you so much for your time Jamie, we can’t wait to see what One Teaspoon does next. Lots of love Mandy and all of the readers from Oracle Fox.. xx

Head to One Teaspoon to check out the latest goodies .. here.

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